Farm to Battlefield Functional Predrilled Reenactment Medieval Bill Spearhead w/ Back Spike & Hook

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Product Description

Like the Scythe, the bill was another tool designed for helping on a farm that was chronicled in medieval texts of battles. A design much like a scythe characterizes the bill; however, the addition of top and back spikes, a wider blade, and shorter hook differentiate the bill from the well-known scythe. The Farm to Battlefield English Bill Spearhead is a high carbon steel replica of the English bill, as opposed to the Italian bill which has a much thinner blade. This bill spearhead has a top spike, a back spike, as well as a hook to incorporate all possible uses for it for reenactors or those who teach about medieval times to help their students visualize these wonders of blacksmithing. The Farm to Battlefield comes with a predrilled shaft so you can place it onto a wooden handle of your choice as soon as you receive it.


Overall Length: 25.5 Inches
Main Blade Length: 10 Inches
Top Spike Length: 7.5 Inches
Blade Width: 4 Inch
Blade Thickness: 4.14 mm
Shaft Length: 9.75 Inches
Shaft Diameter: 1.25 Inches


Spear Style: English Bill
Construction: High Carbon Steel
Top Spike
Back Spike